I want to know more about EPICOH Early 2024...

How do we define “Early Career Researchers” for the EPICOH Early conference?

Can I participate if I am not an Early Career Researcher?

 Important dates

  • Abstract submission deadline: June 15th, 2024, 23:59 (GMT +1) -EXTENDED TO JUNE 22nd, 2024,  23:59 (GMT +1)!
  • Decisions sent about abstracts by July 22, 2024
  • Registration submission deadline: October 4th, 2024, 23:59 (GMT +1)
  • Conference event: November 4-5, 2024.


Do I have to be a member of EPICOH to attend?

No, both members and non-members of EPICOH are welcome to attend.

EPICOH Early Career Conference is organised by a subcommittee of EPICOH

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