Abstract Guidelines

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 1st Annual EPICOH Early conference, thank you for submitting your work as an abstract.

Please read the instructions below. When you are ready to submit your abstract, you can access the submission form using the following link

The abstract submission deadline is June 22nd, 2024, 23:59 (GMT +1).

Abstracts will be published in the journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.


Please use the same e-mail address and same Name-Surname while submitting your abstract via the portal and registering for the conference. Different e-mail addresses and name formats might disrupt communications concerning your registration and abstracts.

Please also be aware that once you commence drafting your abstract, there is no option to save and access it later for online submission. You must finalize your abstract in a single session. If you need to pause the submission process, you'll need to restart the abstract preparation from the beginning. After submitting your abstract, no edits will be allowed on the system even if there is time until the deadline.


  • All abstracts must be written in English.
  • All abstracts must be submitted as a PDF.
  • All abstracts must be submitted online through the abstract submission system by the deadline given above. Abstracts that are sent via e-mail will not be included in the abstract review process.
  • A maximum of two abstracts can be submitted by each person.
  • Use acronyms only when necessary and define all abbreviations and concepts in your abstract at first use.
  • The submitting author must be the presenting author of the abstract.
  • Always make sure to check the final abstract with the system’s preview function before submission and edit or replace as necessary. It is the authors’ responsibility to submit a correct abstract. Any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific fact will be reproduced as typed by the author.
  • Only the accepted abstracts of presenting authors who have completed their registrations and paid their registration fees by the registration deadline for abstract presenters will be included in the Scientific Program.


STEP 1- Presentation Options

  • Topic: The most relevant topic for your abstract must be selected during Step 1 of the submission process.
  • The topics for the EPICOH Early conference are listed at the bottom of the page- please identify the topic that fits your abstract the best. Select best category*
  • Presentation type: Please choose one of the following:
    • In-person oral presentation
    • In-person poster presentation
    • No preference

The Scientific Committee reserves the right to change the presentation type according to the requirements of the scientific program. Oral presentations can be converted to poster presentations depending on slot availability.

STEP 2 – Institution Information

  • The affiliation(s)/institution(s) of the authors should be indicated fully in the submitted pdf: department, institution, city and country with the “department” and “institution” names while avoiding any abbreviations. such as Dept., Univ., Inst., Hosp., etc.
  • The department and institution details, city and country should be written in lowercase, with the initials of each word capitalized.
  • Enter each distinct affiliation in a numbered list.
  • Then, when each of the authors are added, you must also indicate which affiliation(s) correspond to them. 

E.g. Claire Lane 1,2 Joseph Brown 3

  1. 1) Apple Corporation, New Haven, CT, United States
  2. 2) Blue Hospital, Barcelona, Spain
  3. 3) Department of Psychology, Esperanza Institute, Santiago, Chile

Then Claire Lane is listed in the form, and numbers 1 and 2 are indicated just after her name. Following, Joseph Brown is listed in the form, and the number 3 is listed just after his name.

  • Please make sure to include the City and Country information at the end of each institution. For the US, please make sure to enter the country information as “United States” or “US” after writing the state name or its abbreviation. For the UK, please write the country name as “United Kingdom” or “UK.”

STEP 3 – Author Information

  • The first, middle, and last names of all the authors must be fully indicated correctly and in the right order. Please pay attention to matching the appropriate institutions to the right authors.

STEP 4 – Presenting Author Information

  • Please enter the presenting author’s contact information correctly. *It is important to ensure that the email address of the presenting author is entered correctly as all communication regarding the abstract’s acceptance or any related information will be sent using this email.
  • The presenting author will be required to register for the Conference to confirm acceptance of the abstract.

STEP 5 – Abstract Title

  • An abstract must have a short, specific title (containing no abbreviations) that indicates the nature of the investigation.
  • Abstract titles can contain a maximum of 20 words.
  • Titles should not be written with all capitals.

STEP 6 – Abstract

  • Abstract Body: The abstract body should not exceed 300 words. The title of the abstract, authors, institutions, and keywords are not included in this limit, and those should not be entered in this section.
  • Abstract body should consist of the four sections given below:
    • Objective: Clearly state the purpose of the abstract. Briefly describe the objectives of the study unless they are contained in the title.
    • Material and Methods: Describe your selection of observations or experimental subjects clearly. Include a brief statement of methods if pertinent.
    • Results: Present your results in a logical sequence in text.
    • Conclusion: Emphasize new and important aspects of the study and the conclusions that are drawn from them.
  • Abstracts should not describe research in which the chemical identity or source of the reagent is proprietary or cannot be revealed.
  • Standard abbreviations may be used without definition. Non-standard abbreviations (kept to a minimum) must be placed in parentheses after the first use of the word or phrase abbreviated.
  • Do not include the names or personal information of any patient participating in a study or trial.
  • Please mention all sources of funding for the work described and other acknowledgements briefly at the end of the abstract text.(not counted in the 300 word maximum)
  • To be compatible with the universal coding system, only the special characters provided on the system should be used. Please note that the abstracts in which other special characters are used may not be displayed correctly in publications due to the coding systems.
  • Use only generic drug names. Brand, product, or company names must not be used in the abstract title or text. The International Society for Environmental Epidemiology and/or Organizing and Scientific Committees reserve the right to replace any brand name with a generic name.

STEP 7 – Upload pdf of abstract

  • Images, tables, diagrams, and graphs are NOT accepted. At this stage a .pdf version of your abstract should be selected and submitted.

STEP 8 – Preview & Check

  • The submitting authors are required to preview the abstract and all accompanying data prior to proceeding with the submission.

STEP 9 – Submit to the Committee

  • It is required to answer all questions before submitting your abstract.
  • If you have not completed all the required sections of your abstract, you won’t see the submission button. Only after completing all required fields, the submission button will be enabled for you.


  • When the submission process is finalized, you will receive an email including the abstract number that has been assigned to your submission.


All submitted abstracts will be scored by two members of the abstract review committee after the submission deadline closes. The notification letters about acceptance of the abstracts will be sent to the presenting author’s email-address by July 22, 2024.


The presenting author(s) must be registered for the Conference at the latest by October 4, 2024. The abstracts of unregistered presenting authors who do not complete registration (including payment) by this deadline will be removed from the final program and all publications.


Thank you for submitting your work for consideration. Please contact us directly using our contact form, should you have any specific inquiries.

Abstract Categories

Nr Name
1 Aging
2 Biomarkers
3 Burden of disease
4 Carcinogens/cancer
5 Cardiovascular
6 Climate change
7 Disease surveillance
8 Dusts and fibres
9 Ergonomics
10 Exposure assessment
11 Health disparities
12 Infectious diseases
13 Injuries
14 Intervention
15 Methodology
16 Migrant workers
17 Muskuloskeletal
18 Neurologic
19 Other
20 Pesticides
21 Policy/impact
22 Psychosocial
23 Radiation
24 Reproductive
25 Respiratory
26 Return to work
27 Risk assessment
28 Sex and gender
29 Shift work
30 Specific occupation
31 Work organization